Premade Designs Offer

the same quality in only half the time

A premade design is a book cover created by me with all the care and attention I give to my custom concepts. The only difference is instead of having a client tell me what to make, I get to decide what I think might appeal to the target market. Unconstrained by briefs, I can pick the very best stock and create the very best typography to create covers that sell. Each design is sold only once, and is just as unique as my custom projects.  If you have any further questions, please see the FAQ below.  




I've found a premade I love, what now?

Congrats! I’m glad I could help you find something you love. Now all that’s left is to click the buy button next to the premade you’ve selected. Once you do that you’ll be taken to a page where you fill out your author name and title. Then my website will ping me, I’ll update the cover to fit your title, and then zoom it back over to you! 

I love the premade, but I'd like a few changes, can you do that?

Sure! The most popular change requested is to change the typography to fit within an exsisting series, but I am also open to doing small comsmetic changes such as hair or eye color. Please do note however, that these changes will be billed at my hourly rate of $40/hour. If the changes are too extensive, or I feel would compromise the quality of the design, I reserve the right to direct you toward my custom packages .

What is included with the purchase of a premade?
  • One ebook cover sized  6×9 inches/1800×2700 pixels created with stock assets licensed for commercial use up to the sale of 450,000 print copies. (License allows unlimited digital downloads.) 
  • Author and title name change.
  • The right to use the cover image in any promotional ads or material as you see fit. (With the exception of making items for  commercial sale other than the book itself, such as T-shirts).
I want to buy a premade, but I don't have the title yet. what now?

No worries. My premades go fast, so often authors will buy a cover before they have a book for it. Often authors will even be inspired by the premade designs. That’s totally normal. If you don’t have the title yet, just let me know in the buying form, and I’ll hold it for you until you’re ready. 

I need a paperback too, how do I get that?

Extras such as Paperback, Audiobook, and social media graphics are available at the store under “extras”. Just click on whichever extra you’d like, add it to your cart, and I’ll add it to your order.  

Are you sure Each premade is sold only once?

Positive. The moment the premade is bought, it’s labeled “out of stock” in the store, and no one else can have it but you. Promise. 

What is your turn around?

For premade designs expect a 72 hour turn around. However, that time may increase around holidays. 

Do you offer refunds on premades?

I do not offer refunds at this time. If however, you find yourself unable to use the premade, you may resell it for the price paid to another author via my Facebook Group The Book Brander Boutique.

I bought a premade and the title looks different than it did in the original, why is that?

Typography can be a wiley creature, and the appearance of the cover and the title will change depending on the title you choose. For best results choose shorter titles, or titles similar in word count to the title of the premade you’re purchasing. 

If the title you wanted doesn’t work out with the cover, don’t worry, I’ll work with you until you find one that does. 

More questions?