You asked for excellence at an affordable price…

and my premade designs deliver.

Publishing isn’t cheap. Formatting, advertising, editing, design costs all add up. Especially for smaller projects or authors just dipping their toes into the publishing waters, sometimes there just isn’t a big enough budget for a fully custom cover. And that’s okay. With my premade covers you can get designs on par with my custom work, the only difference is that isn’t tailor made for you! Each cover is sold only once. These are not templates.

High Quality Designs

I spend just as much time on each premade as I would on single concept for a custom cover. Unlike some designers who may churn out premades, for me premades are the place where I experiment with new techniques and tutorials. There are zero compromises in quality with a premade.

Quick Turnaround

Submit your cover-request, pay the invoice, and then receive your cover within 48 hours.

Superbly Series-ous Discount

Want to use a premade for covers in a series? If you buy a premade you can receive the Superbly Series-ous discount for the next two covers.

Find your cover, remember the title, and then click the button below to purchase for only $99.