Don’t let your book go out naked.

I’ve got you covered.

There’s a truth that most cover designers don’t like to talk about. Ready? No matter how gorgeous your cover is, it can’t make readers buy your book.

At the end of the day, when the reader has their finger poised over that purchase button or is holding out your tome and monologuing “to buy or not to buy”, their final decision rarely comes down to whether your designer picked the right font. Your blurb, the reader’s familiarity with your author name, and, of course, the story itself are all far more important. But here’s the thing.

While readers may buy your book for its content, they pick it up because of its cover. And if you don’t get picked up, you don’t get purchased. Here’s how I get readers to click.

Clean, unique typography and design. A reader is not only intrigued, but assumes the quality of the editing and story will be just as high. Your book gets picked up.

Perfectly targeted images. A reader is charmed by your book’s whimsical illustration of dogs with hats and understands immediately that it’s a cozy mystery set in the South featuring pet detectives. You book gets picked up. (And shared with Fluffy.)

Crystal clear branding. The moment your fans see your books they know they’re yours. They don’t even have to check your mailing-list email, because you stand out on any page. Your book doesn’t just get picked up, it gets remembered.

A cover is your first impression. Let’s make a great one.

My Book Cover Design Packages

  • popstorysmall
  • Perfectly Premade
  • $99
  • Behold, beautiful design on a budget! My premade covers are of the exact same quality as my custom work, and each cover is sold only once. These are not templates. Get ‘em while they’re hot, because they go fast.
  • Stock photo included.
  • Author and title name change included, otherwise sold as-is.
  • What you see on the cover is what you get!
  • No lifetime redesign guarantee.
  • Paperback not included.
  • Social media graphics not included.
  • Beautifully Branded
  • $299
  • I’ll use my full photoshop powers to create the perfect composite of images that distills the essence of your story and acts as one-click catnip to your target readers.
  • Unlimited stock sourced from Shutterstock.
  • 2 mockups included.
  • Everything up to intense digital painting, scene and character creation.
  • No lifetime redesign guarantee.
  • Paperback included.
  • Social media graphics not included.
  • Deliciously Data-Driven
  • $599
  • In the competitive publishing marketplace, it’s not enough to have a gorgeous cover you hope will attract readers. With this package, I and my team of researches will prepare an analysis of book cover trends in your genre and use Facebook ads to test the concepts we provide you, ensuring your book cover is a finally honed book-selling machine.
  • Unlimited stock sourced from Shutterstock.
  • 3 mockups, 1 report on cover trends in your genre with recommended best practices for your brand and $50 worth of FB ads designed to test your cover’s selling power.
  • Everything up to intense digital painting, scene and character creation.
  • No lifetime redesign guarantee.
  • Paperback not included.
  • Social media graphics not included.
  • zombiesherrif1
  • Completely Custom
  • $799
  • You want to pull out all the stops and create a cover that not only dazzles, but is completely unique. Let me bring your book to life, by creating a scene from your book, your character or commissioning custom illustration.
  • Unlimited Stock from Shutterstock and Outside Rare Stock and Select Custom Illustrations Included
  • 4 Mockups Included (Mockups for Custom Illustration done at standard of artist.)
  • Everything including, scene creation, compositing multiple stock images to create a single or multiple characters, and $399 worth of custom illustration credit included.
  • Lifetime redesign guarantee included.
  • Paperback included.
  • Social Media Graphics included.

Package Add-Ons

  • Lifetime Redesign Warrantee (299$ per book)

    We all know how quickly the market can change. With the lifetime redesign guarantee, I promise that if you ever need a rebrand for your book I’ll be there — forever. (Well, okay. I’m no vampire so forever might be stretching, but let’s say fifty years at least. ;-))

  • Regular Paperback (99$/per book)

    Print editions are great for conventions, die-hard-fans and even for those readers who just haven’t caught on to ebooks yet. If you have purchased any package below Beautifully Branded, you can get a paperback spread with this add-on.

  • Superbly Series-ous Paperback (50$/per book)

    If you purchased the Superbly Series-ous package you can add paperback for only half the normal cost. This add-on is only valid with the purchase of a Superbly Series-ous package.

  • Jump The Line (25% of Package Price)

    Do you need your cover done yesterday? For those on tight schedules I’m able to jump you to the front of the line and get initial drafts to you in 72 hours.

  • Unlimited Revisions ($99 per book)

    Sometimes you want the freedom to be picky, and work with me to get the cover just right, or to do A/B tests with your readers. If you think you’ll exceed your allotted number of 2-3 rounds of revisions, this is the package for you!

  • Audio Book Cover ($50 per book)

  • Social Media Package (Twitter & Facebook Header $75 )