Hello, my name is Sylvia Frost,

and I’m going to make your books look spectacular.

You’ve worked hard to write your book. Trust me, I get it. As an indie author I’ve felt the pain of a troublesome rough draft and the joy of hitting the USA Today best-seller list. But most importantly I’m completely immersed in the publishing world. So I don’t just make beautiful book covers. I transform your book into one-click catnip. Writing can be hard. Let’s make getting readers to open your book easy.

What I Offer

Stellar Customer Service

I do more then just answer your emails. I don’t rest until you’re 100% satisfied. As an author myself, I can help authors navigate the sometimes tricky waters of publishing. I’m not just your designer; I’m part of your publishing team.

Designs That Tell Your Story

The secret to a great cover isn’t just stellar design or marketing savvy branding, it’s capturing both of those qualities while making a cover that fits your story. Whichever package you choose, know that the product you’re receiving is tailored to your brand.

Ebook Market Expertise

There are a lot of great designers out there. But there are very few who spend as much time immersed in the ebook market as me. As an author-designer knowing the markets is crucial to my own success, and I bring that expertise to every cover I work on.

  • popstorysmall
  • Perfectly Premade
  • $99
  • Behold, beautiful design on a budget! My premade covers are of the exact same quality as my custom work, and each cover is sold only once. These are not templates. Get ‘em while they’re hot, because they go fast.
  • Stock photo included.
  • Sold as-is, except author name and title.
  • No Lifetime redesign guarantee.
  • Paperback not included.
  • Social media graphics not included.
  • Beautifully Branded
  • $299
  • Every author needs a brand, and the first part of that brand is a book cover. With this package, I work with you to help find the perfect cover and brand for your books.
  • Unlimited stock sourced from Shutterstock.
  • 2 mockups included.
  • No lifetime redesign guarantee.
  • Paperback not included.
  • Social media graphics not included.

  • Deliciously Data-Driven
  • $599
  • In the competitive publishing marketplace, it’s not enough to have a gorgeous cover you hope will attract readers. With this package, I and my team of researchers will prepare an analysis of book cover trends in your genre and use Facebook ads to test the concepts we provide you, ensuring your cover is a finally honed book-selling machine.
  • Unlimited stock sourced from Shutterstock.
  • 3 mockups, 1 report on cover trends in your genre with recommended best practices for your brand and $50 worth of FB ads designed to test your cover’s selling power.
  • No lifetime redesign guarantee.
  • Paperback not included.
  • Facebook ads included.
  • zombiesherrif1
  • Completely Custom
  • $799
  • You want to pull out all the stops and create a cover that not only dazzles, but is completely unique. Let me bring your book to life, by creating a scene from your book, your character or commissioning custom illustration.
  • Unlimited stock from Shutterstock and up to $399 worth of outside rare stock or custom illustration credit.
  • 4 mockups included (number of mockups of illustration done at standard of artist) .
  • Lifetime redesign duarantee.
  • Paperback included.
  • Full social media branding included.
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